AMAP's research team monitors hot-spot issues and latest news on geopolitics, international relations, and great power competition. They analyze and process data to provide clients with valuable insights.



AMAP has a top-notch consulting team of government officials, experts, scholars, and industry insiders. We collaborate with them to gain valuable insights and create successful partnerships.



AMAP's streamlined workflow seamlessly connects our business and empowers consultants to provide ideal service.We use AI,peer review, and meetings to link consultants with clients scientifically.



Our founders aim to create an industry leader in information service with a global vision.

We prioritize objective, authentic and reliable work to gain clients' trust and mutual benefits.


AMAP Information Service Company

Founded by ex-servicemen and seasoned experts in May 2020, AMAP Information Company has grown into an up-and-coming information service company in Taiwan covering a wide range of businesses. We aim to be a leader in information service analysis across Asia Pacific. Initially, our company was committed to tracking the latest military information and analyzing the newest military dynamics among major countries. Up to now, our business has expanded to comprehensive security risk assessment and geopolitical analysis.

Currently, AMAP offers services to many companies in Asia, including giants in the industry. With our professional analysis and forward-looking projection, our clients have been keeping strategic edges in transnational trade, cross-border investment, and market competition.


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Team members

Our founder's vision is to work with customers to achieve progress and success together.

Luo Jianwei

The founder of AMAP is Luo Jianwei. As early as in university, Mr. Luo Jianwei has worked on information services. After graduation, he co-founded AMAP with several partners and, by leveraging his expertise and visionary insights into the information service industry, expanded AMAP into a comprehensive information service provider featuring military, geopolitical, and risk analysis.

Tsai Jianhua

The co-founder of AMAP and serves as the head of the company's technical department. With a technical background and years of experience in multinational enterprises, Mr. Tsai has always been focused on finding innovative solutions to improve efficiency and productivity. He has applied his professional knowledge to develop information acquisition tools that have helped AMAP gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Li Shuye

The co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of AMAP is Li Shuye, a Taiwanese who graduated from the College of Management of National Taiwan University. As a business elite, Mr. Li Shuye once worked in Top 500 and has applied his advanced working experience and management method to AMAP, bettered its approach to financial management, and attracted hefty investment. He has laid AMAP’s financial foundation and enabled it to be a more professional, international information service company.