AMAP’s professional research team is comprised of several analysts and researchers who keep an eye on the newest hot-spot issues, collect the latest news on geopolitics and international relations, and dissect the updates on great power competition. By grasping what is happening and what will happen ahead of our clients, AMAP stands firm at the forefront of the information wave. With a professional data analysis and processing model, AMAP transforms oceans of information into the footing of our businesses.


AMAP has poured large fortunes into building an anonymous talent pool unparalleled in the industry. Every consultant is the product of our cherry-picking and rigorous evaluation. Our consulting team is made up of government senior officials who penetrate the root cause of a changing situation, experts and scholars who have excellent prescience in how an event unfolds, and top industry insiders who offer the most authoritative insider information. In the on-going partnership, AMAP and its consultants get to know each other better and march ahead together.


AMAP enjoys a well-established workflow that connects our business and yields seamlessly and keeps them booming and vibrant. Our workflow also empowers our consultants to provide service to ideal clients and bring out what is best for the clients. Through various channels such as virtual or physical meetings, AI algorithm matching, and peer review, we link our consultants with potential clients in the most scientific way.


With a global vision, our founders have been steering our company towards "building an industry leader in information service." Upholding an objective, authentic, and reliable service philosophy and work ethic, we win our clients’ trust and thus create mutual benefits by offering them the best information service.