Recruiting experts

AMAP is an information service provider with professional and forward-looking security risk analysis and solutions to offer to our clients. Our current business scope covers the latest military information tracking, comprehensive security risk assessment, and geopolitical analysis. Experts in the talent pool are encouraged to maximize their expertise with the help of AMAP’s scientific matching method. We welcome experts in international relations, government affairs, geopolitics, military analysis, and veteran government officials to our talent pool so as to offer the most penetrating insights to our clients. We will offer every expert long-term and consistent work responsibilities and, in turn, considerable rewards. If you have rich research experience and professional analysis capabilities in politics, diplomacy, economics, trade, and the military of Asia Pacific, we are expecting you to join in.

Recruiting working staff

As our business is expanding rapidly, we are hoping to recruit professionals in Asia Pacific who have worked in the information service industry. These professionals will be responsible to seek more experts to help AMAP grow in Asia Pacific. With you on board, we believe our business will boom not only in the Asia Pacific but also in the world at large.

Please send your CV to